We offer one menu nightly, based on the best ingredients in our area. Our menu is always changing according to what is available. This is today’s menu.

GEODUCK cucumber, radish, salad burnett

CHILLED ENGLISH PEA SOUP our buttermilk, meyer lemon, nasturtium

ARTICHOKE, STUFFED AND BAKED fava, allium, lardo

MOREL-ENCRUSTED WILD KING SALMON asparagus, brown butter, sorrel juice

EARTH AND SEA  steamed tofu mousseline, yuba, mushroom dashi

AGED DUCK GRILLED OVER CHARCOAL spring greens, spicy vinaigrette of duck broth and fermented flavors

BLUEBERRIES AND VIOLET dried plum, sweet milk sauce

ROASTED APRICOT puff pastry, almond sorbet, lavender-honey

Wine and non-alcoholic tea pairings may be added with online ticket purchase or when you dine with us. There is an additional 18% service charge (shared by the entire staff) and tax.



To make a reservation, please call us at (415) 393-9000, or use the form below.

Any cancelations made within a 48 hour window will be subject to a $100 per person cancelation charge.