We offer one menu nightly, based on the best ingredients in our area. Our menu is always changing according to what is available. This is today’s menu.

SEARED SPOT PRAWN watermelon, cucumber, opal basil

CHERRY TOMATOES puree of grilled zucchini and wheatgrass, herbs and flowers

CHILLED, SPICED EGGPLANT SOUP pole beans, charred okra, fermented chile, flowering cilantro

WILD KING SALMON crayfish bordelaise, lovage, fennel pollen

STEAMED SHIITAKE-POTATO DUMPLING brown butter, mushroom dashi, tatsoi

EMIGH RANCH LAMB chard leaves and stems, garum, rosemary

HA’OGEN MELON olive oil,¬†holy basil

BLUEBERRIES AND VIOLET vanilla cake, whipped fromage blanc

Menu $195

18% service charge (shared by the entire staff)


To make a reservation, please call us at (415) 393-9000, or use the form below.

Any cancelations made within a 48 hour window will be subject to a $100 per person cancelation charge.