We offer one menu nightly, based on the best ingredients in our area. Our menu is always changing according to what is available. This is today’s menu.

LIVE SANTA BARBARA SEA URCHIN yuzu, radishes, kohlrabi

PUNTARELLE chicories, young leeks, just- pressed olive oil

BEET COOKED IN EDIBLE SKIN, brown butter, sorrel juice, wild herbs

DUNGENESS CRAB & BEEF TENDON SOUP  asian pear, finger lime, cilantro

BLACK TRUMPET-SUNCHOKE DUMPLING  braised lettuce, mushroom dashi

LAMB LOIN COOKED IN SPICED CREPINETTE  grilled red cabbage, natural jus

BURNT GRAPEFRUIT honey, rosemary

COFFEE CAKE  dried plum, walnut, mascarpone

18% service charge (shared by the entire staff)


To make a reservation, please call us at (415) 393-9000, or use the form below.

Any cancelations made within a 48 hour window will be subject to a $100 per person cancelation charge.